Frances Berry

I can't even view these photos fully on my small laptop screen, which makes me wonder how astounding they would be displayed on a gallery wall or even in a home! Obviously the most noticeable feature is this elongated, dragged, distorted photograph, making your eyes just following the line down (or across!) to the figures sitting in a nostalgic setting. The tones accommodate to the characteristics of an analogue practice however, alongside the digital technique of 'scan distortion' brings a whole different element! 

American photographer Frances Berry explores nostalgia throughout her work. We see a lot of photographers explore this theme because as the learning of photography is still growing and moving towards the future, the photographs that have been taken are existing and sometimes left forgotten. Berry brings them back to life by taking old generation photographs and repurposes them - extending the memory as her series titled Memory Extended hints. Also featured here are some pieces from other projects that deal with the same theme are Crumpled and Mistypology. 

Have fun scrolling down!

Crumpled series

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