Pascal Marlin

Pascal Marlin definitely tunes his inner Bacon in his work. French artist Marlin creates flat, mutated portraits that give off an eerie feeling but also a humorous aspect. Some are sat in a room, only referenced by the lines that separate the floor from the walls. I love these works so much, not only because I'm a massive fan of Bacon but also because Marlin really explores his materials. You can identify many textures giving off impressionist and pop art vibes, as well as shapes while still being able to distinguish a face or figure.

I also love his use of the muted canary yellow that he seems to favorite. The neutral color helps pop out the other elements as well as just bind everything together. The figure might be very chaotic however the it is still very composed.  Marlin explores drawing, painting and collage work, some being still lives but mostly are 'portraits' if you want to call them that!

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